George Soros Backs Democratic Efforts To Repeal Laws


There is no question that George Soros is a polarizing public figure in the eyes of many. Those who like his political views and world outlook love him, while Conservatives tend to have a very negative view of him. Regardless, it is certainly the case that Soros does like to get involved with certain issues that he feels passionately about. As one of the wealthiest people on Earth, he has the financial muscle to make a difference on these issues when he so chooses. One of the issues that he has taken up as of late involves voting rights court cases.

Republican led legislatures all throughout the country began unrolling legislation that put new restrictions on voting rights for people in their state. For the most part these laws involved new regulations requiring presenting a state authorized ID and voting card in order to cast a ballot. This was just another layer of identification that the GOP lawmakers wanted to put in place. They originally said that they did so because they believed that it would cut down on voting fraud. However, many have said it is a thinly veiled attempt to cut down on certain populations voting.

Those who see it as a problem say that the extra regulation targets minority populations and the poor says the New York Times. They see it as an undo burden on people to have to get (and pay for) state identifications that were never necessary in the past. They also do not like that certain forms of ID that were once accepted as legitimate are no longer seen this way. Student ID’s for example are no longer consider valid forms of ID in many of these states.

This kind of thing has outraged many on the Left and have caused some lawyers to take up cases in a handful of states to challenge these new laws. George Soros has decided to step into the fray as well and provide some funding to those lawsuits that are challenging the laws. He believes that these laws are unconstitutional and discriminatory.

Naturally, those on the other side of the political spectrum are already pointing figures and screaming about Soros is involved in this issue. They try to make the claim that this makes him no different than the Koch brothers who spend far more on issues on the Right. However, this comparison is completely unfair and not at all accurate.

Soros has given some money to this cause, but not because it will personally enrich him at all. Also, the amount that he has given is nothing in comparison to the amount of money that the Koch brothers have poured into the issues they care about. That being said, it is sure to still stir up passions on the Right, at least those who are going to hate Soros regardless.

The bottom line is that this is in fact an issue that Soros has taken on, but it is not something that anyone should be ashamed of supporting.

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