Omar Boraie contributions to Cancer Cure

Mr. Omar Boraie is among the founders of the Omar Boraie Chair in the Genomic Science a program started at Rutgers Cancer Institute, NJ. The movement started as a platform to propel innovative research in precision medicine. The endowed chairs are considered the gold standard when it comes to higher education as they express their commitment to supporting education in the university. The program was named after Omar Boraie due to his financial support. Genomic science field and precision medicine have introduced new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The methods allow the medical experts to analyze and treat tumors while at the earliest stage.

Oncologists can easily prescribe therapies for their patients. President Obama talked about the launch of the Precision Medicine Initiative after he attested its importance in the cancer curing. Many cancer centers in the United States of America use the next-generation gene sequencing on the tumors for their studies, Rutgers Cancer Institute applies the genomic sequencing to treat its patient. Genomic sequencing help patients find novel therapies especially if they have poorer prognoses, rare cancers, or those whose treatment method have been ineffective or are limited. Advancements in precision medicine increase the capability of classifying cancers into subgroups that have similar characteristics and different genetics for easier treatment.

Precision medicine has helped patients with cancers that no longer respond to treatment. The physicians-experts at Rutgers Cancer Institute have made a significant improvement in the cure of this dangerous disease. Boraie has knowledge in chemistry and an interest in studying cancer. He helped develop this approach with an aim of helping the cancer patient to cure the condition using science. He encourages other well-wishers to support this project. He stands out as an integral part in the development of the New Brunswick as a Healthcare City. His support for the project is felt across the world and not only in Brunswick.

A patient with cancer suffers from several diseases as cancer is a collection of various diseases and each condition has unique features. The genomic analysis helps to classify easily the condition as the experts will identify the type of cancer and treat the exact problem without having to assume anything. Omar Boraie is the father of Genomic Science a great contribution to the cancer treatment project. Staffs at Rutgers Cancer Institute are familiar with this approach and they use it to handle any cancer condition. More information is available at Newswise.