White shark media listens to your complaints and is ready to start again. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency located in Miami Florida but with offices in Atlanta, Denmark and Nicaragua.

White Shark Media seeks to advertise small to medium sized businesses using highly efficient and honest services that leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads. It has changed the life of many small businesses based on the traffic they have received.

White Shark Media has low set up fees, no cancellation fees and doesn’t bide you with a contract. They believe in value addition and the client’s needs driving their own. It is the best form of business practice since you ultimately enrich a good number of people before you derive any benefits at all.

White Shark Media has increased its efforts to handle the customer complaints it has received in the last few years. The concerns raised were valid, and the company has a new approach to management. Their services have undergone a turnover and now will offer more comprehensive and versatile marketing solutions. Some of the changes the company has made to improve its services include:

  1. It is now possible for you the customer to follow the campaign as it happens. It is made possible by making you central to the campaigns and knowing what is going on at any given time. Hence, you can know the performance of the campaign and complaints like have lost touch with my campaign will be things of the past.
  2. White Shark Media understands that communication is the most important thing. It has now scheduled an online conference with Go meeting conference call and will assign each client a direct line to its customer care representative together with a contact for the supervisor. That way you will have uninterrupted 24/7 communication.
  3. There have been cases where their new ads campaign has proven less effective for some clients. It is due to the nature of the demographic, and they perfectly understand that. White shark media will continue using the old campaigns on particular customers. The ultimate goal being to produce better-performing campaigns on particular clients. They will also assign each SEM specialist with an experienced supervisor who will have not more than 5 SEM’s.It is expected to be the best way to grow the campaigns.
  4. They will also provide SEO optimisation and have installed software applications to help you track your ad performance. Quantifying your ad performance is vital.

White Shark Media has learned its mistakes and seeks to continue being your partner.

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