Man Dressed As Spider-Man, Knocks Himself Out

It’d be unbelievable if anyone in the world didn’t know who Spider-Man was. Spider-Man is popular all over the world, even in Argentina. Spider-Man has turned into a billion dollar franchise, and there are movies, comic books, outfits, clothing and more. Spider-Man. When Halloween time rolls around, there are many who choose to dress up like Spider-Man. Spider-Man may even make an appearance at a child’s birthday party too.

Recently, in Argentina, a man decided to dress up as Spider-Man for a child’s birthday party. Everything was going well, especially when the Spider-Man was dancing around, doing flips, and doing all kinds of tricks. It was while the Spider-Man was dancing around that he accidentally kicked himself, and he was knocked out cold. The fact that Spider-Man knocked his own self out while in the process of entertaining others, it’s just hilarious.

Fans like Brian Torchin are glad to know that Spider-Man wasn’t seriously hurt, but no doubt his pride will take a licking, just as his face did! The video can be seen on MTV News, and try not to laugh, as Spider-Man has suffered enough already The only good thing that can be said about the entire situation is the fact that the character is wearing a mask, so maybe no one will know who he actually is. It may be best if he remains unknown, especially since the video is all over the Internet and many have commented on it, and laughing just might hurt his feelings.