Securus Technologies Takes Note of Global Tel Link’s Actions

Securus Technologies is a widely known company that concentrates on criminal and civil justice services and products. The company’s offerings aim to encourage advancements in monitoring, public safety, corrections and investigations. Securus Technologies has just informed the public that it will be revealing information that will showcase problematic actions by Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link (GTL for short) is a company that specializes in inmate communications. Securus Technologies believes that GTL has participated in honesty infractions and other forms of misconduct.

Richard A. Smith is Securus Technologies’ CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He said that he cares about his industry and that he feels saddened when other companies neglect the value of honesty. Smith said that the aim of his company is significantly deeper and more complex than turning a profit. He said that its aim is to cater to customers and to consider what’s optimal and beneficial for them.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission looked into Global Tel Link and discovered a variety of problems with the company’s actions. The organization discovered that Global Tel Link charged customers for sole phone calls multiple times. It also discovered that the company does not have permission for double billing. The Louisiana Public Service Commission noted that Global Tel Link set its phones up to give calls higher rates. The organization even came to the conclusion that taxpayers in the state of Louisiana had to cover excessive fees (a total of $1,243,000) due to Global Tel Link’s actions. The Louisiana Public Service Commission believes that Global Tel Link’s behaviors were brought on by the desire to charge customers immoderate amounts.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. The company accommodates 3,450 plus corrections agencies, law enforcement agencies and public safety agencies throughout the North American continent. It accommodates well over a million incarcerated individuals as well.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.