Networks Clean House in Annual TV Show Slashing

The past several weeks have been abuzz with speculation on which TV programs would be renewed for another season, and which would get the unfortunate network ax. Although the fate of some shows still hangs in the balance, the majority of major TV shows futures has been announced. The inevitable list of shows that have been cut as networks clean house includes many programs that came as no surprise.

Shows like NBC’s “Constantine,” and “State of Affairs,” have been silent for so long most people probably thought that had already received the official ax.

Among the four big players, NBC made the deepest cuts to its current program inventory. “Marry Me,” “One Big Happy,” “A to Z,” and “About a Boy,” were among the terminated shows. It wasn’t all comedy that was cut. Both Katherine Heigl’s, “State of Affairs,” and “Constantine,” were not renewed.

However, these days as audience targeting has become mainstream, a cancellation notice isn’t necessarily the end of the world. One major surprise was Fox drawing the curtains on witty comedy “The Mindy Project.” The show is expected to make a quick jump to Hulu. Although “The Mindy Project” didn’t have the sheer numbers to make it a smash hit, Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork) knows that it does have a dedicated fan core that is very active on social media. Many advertisers value this type of show loyalty higher than numbers, as audiences are actively engaged with the show during and after airing, often utilizing a two-screen experience.