Know All About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has over 23 years of experience in varied sectors of the finance industry. He has worked for start-ups, private companies, public enterprises, large multinational firms, private equity businesses, as well as for turn-around cases. Such kind of varied experience has made him a leader in the world of finance today.
He is known for his ability to understand and drive business operations in a way to foster growth, enhance efficiency and increase productivity. He is a change management champion. In addition, Cassio Audi has excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills. This is why he is able to get along well with his staff at all levels.
The finance career of Cassio Audi started in 1992 when he joined J P Morgan Chase. He worked there as a trader. He worked there for four years and then he decided to move on to DOW Chemical as a senior financial analyst. Next, he moved on to Gillette as a Finance Director. He worked there for eight years. Now he moved on to Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners where he was the Chief Financial Officer. Then he moved on to Rossi as its CFO.
Such varied experience has made Cassio Audi a person to reckon with in the finance industry. He is an action oriented person. Rather than making tall promises, he delivers more than what is expected out of him.
Cassio Audi is a simple and straightforward person. He presents things in a way that they appear much simpler than they actually are. This is the way in which he motivates people and gets work done. He is an action oriented person. He does not believe in sitting and planning. Rather, he prefers to go all out and get things done. This is his working style which is admired by all.


Brian Bonar Looks To Aid Small Business Owners Meet Their Financial Responsibilities

Small and medium sized business owners usually have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders as they look to get a business off the ground and grow it into the future. One area that often takes up a large amount of time for these entrepreneurs is the completion of financial responsibilities, such as payroll and tax paperwork. Imaging Technologies Corporation CEO Brian Bonar is now hoping to help more entrepreneurs in the future by assisting with the areas of a business that can often be time consuming and difficult to complete for those with their minds on building a business.

Brian Bonar has been a major part of the financial and electrical engineering industries for a number of years, during which time he has seen the difficulties entrepreneurs have had with completing the necessary paperwork for their businesses. Using technology to aid people in their everyday lives is an idea Brian Bonar has been working on for many years in various business positions. The Stafford University graduate divided his education between the technical details of engineering and the need to develop greater financial experience for his future business role with ITEC. In his early career, Brian Bonar worked for major corporations like IBM where he developed both his technical engineering skills and business knowledge, which are skills his current customers are now looking to take advantage of.

Brian Bonar is now hoping his plans to take control of the administrative side of business life for many entrepreneurs will see less problems for those who may not have the skills to handle these areas for their business. The ITEC brand has recently been looking for new areas to move into by acquiring existing specialists in small business administration. Bonar identified the payroll aspects of most small businesses as being the area that causes much confusion for entrepreneurs, which led to the decision to acquire the Virginia based SourceOne company. This payroll and taxes specialist looks set to play a key role in the future of ITEC and the many small and medium sized businesses the company works with.

Eric Pulier: Genius Ahead of His Time

As one of the leading innovators and philanthropists of our time, Eric Pulier is one of the brilliant and captivating innovators of our time. His philanthropy work is highly-regarded around the world and inspires tech startup founders in the Silicon Valley startup scene to follow in his footsteps.

His work in business and technology have been both illuminating and voluminous. With the invention of several technologies that he eventually incorporated into his vastly successful startup companies, he eventually gained a reputation as Silicon Valley’s “man with the Midas touch.” As he began to venture heavily into financing multiple seed stage startup companies, a list of highly prominent, highly competitive venture capital firms sought him out as their partner investor. He has accepted several of these offers throughout the span of his career and began investing, making some of the smaller, more boutique venture capital firms he worked for amongst the world’s largest and most successful.

While it is obvious that being a Renaissance man in Eric Pulier’s league takes an entire lifetime of hard work and dedication to achieve, he reached his legendary status only 10 years after beginning his career as a startup founder. He started his voluminous career at Harvard as a literature major and graduated magna cum laude. Having written for Harvard’s critically acclaimed newspaper, he eventually gained the chops and experience to write his best-selling book that would eventually propel him to be one of the world’s most expensive and sought after public speakers in the world.

Having founded over 16 startup companies and raised capital for each of them in and excess of $500 million, he has sold many of his companies for an excess of billions of dollars, most of which he was the principal investor.

His philanthropy work is definitely noteworthy. While he sits at the helm of the board of the Painted Turtle, a foundation that runs a summer camp designed to help children who are born with chronic illnesses have positive experiences in their life. He has also developed numerous technologies to help impoverished citizens born in third world countries gain access to clean drinking water with a water filtration system and monitor designed to test the purity of its and whether it is drinking quality.

Also as an esteemed board member of the highly acclaimed XPRIZE Foundation, he shares the board with an array of Silicon Valley’s most elite figureheads including Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk amongst other leading-edge innovators of the century.

It is very important to note that he did not start out wanting to become a technological genius and startup company founder. His startup career path seem to find him as he was inspired by the amount of good that his phenomenal technology could contribute to the world.

Adam Sender is long on Art in a short lifetime

When money flows like a gusher, there must be a need to start all types of collections. Ask Adam Sender, the maverick of hedge fund moguls. His success lead him to begin an art collection of recent artists, since the mid 1990s. Not only does he have the Midas Touch but Adam has an exquisite sense of what is the most collectable art from living legends in the minimalist art world.

Keeping the paintings of many of them in his office complex in New York City, he has had them cataloged so that his art dealer assistant, Sarah Aibel can work with the many applicants that wish to borrow pieces for their own art exhibitions. Sender has works by names such as Ruscha, David Flavin, Elizabeth Peyton, Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and many others of great recent fame.

The command center for Adam’s hedge fund, Exis Capital in New York’s SoHo district has a space odessey, Star Trek feel to it as it is illuminated only by the many monitors in his office where he watches his numbers, trends, fund markets and stocks. When he is not managing funds and deals, he is choosing and hunting for more art work. It is first love aside from his stellar capacity for funds management. There are some 1000 works in his ever growing collection. How and where are the all kept?

There are many in New York at his central offices and home there. He has other homes with one such home in Miami that is up for sale. He has set up an exhibition at the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach. He has several Miami homes and the one that is for sale in the rather stubbornly upside down real estate market of Florida, will house a part of his massive private collection for the event. What Sender said, “It sucks that so much of the work I’ve collected is hidden away.” is a reality. He is a full time resident of Miami now and wishes to show his new friends his collection as well as share it with many others. The collection in its entirety is valued at over $100,000,000.

Though his financial situation is not completely roses, with troubles involving a lawsuit brought against his company by Toronto’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd., he continues to make new purchases. He shared his basic strategy with selecting new artists to purchase. Sender said that “I know that I have a good eye, and I use it to buy what I know.” Typically he chooses from artists who are post graduate level and at least 2 years out.” His discerning eye for the best equities and stocks does much to rival his world acclaim as an art treasurer.

Investors Are Still Wondering About The Near Wipeout Of China’s Alibaba Group

Investors and financial advisors like Brian Bonar, one of the men behind Dalrada Financial Corporation, knows that what looks like a great investment one day could turn into a nightmare the next. Bonar and Dalrada invest money in foreign stocks as long as the research shows they are going to be long-term investment winners for their clients. China stocks have been a good place to invest money over the last couple of years, but those investment were hard to come by based on the regulations the Chinese government put in place. When the China stock market lost about 40 percent of its value recently, Bonar and his investors weren’t hurt because the Chinese market was almost closed to foreign investors at that time.

Most of the people that lost money were Chinese citizens, according to Bonar. But there is one Chinese company that was the goose that lays golden eggs to some foreign investors, and that company took a hard hit during the crash. Alibaba Group Holding LTD looked like a sure thing when it went public. The company had a virtual lock on China’s e-commerce business and the shares of the company increased 76 percent in just 60 days because of that lock. Then the company was called out by a Chinese government agency and the company started to crumble.

When China’s economy started to wobble, it hurt Alibaba’s customer base, and the stock started a slide. Almost a $128 billion in market value was wiped out, and according to Bonar that money is gone for good. Economists say e-commerce growth in China will recover, but that won’t happen anytime soon. Bonar thinks e-commerce growth will be slow right through 2016.

Investors like Brain Bonar wonder if Alibaba’s investors will ever recover because Chairman Jack Ma is not the kind of guy that tries to please investors. Investors rank third after customers and employees as far as Ma is concerned. Ma still says he and his partners are in it for the long term, and some investors believe him. Some investors believe Ma because he is still making deals. His recent deals amount to $15 billion. Bonar thinks it’s hard not to stand behind a guy like Ma and his company Alibaba, but he still thinks it’s a very risky investment and one his clients like to avoid.

Alibaba’s new deal may start to make sense since Ma is focusing on sports and entertainment along with e-commerce. But the company still has to deal with the government and the allegations made against them about counterfeiting. Alibaba says all those allegations are false.

Investors know e-commerce is still growing in China and they also know Alibaba has enough money behind them to survive. The only thing investors aren’t sure of is the Chinese government. But some people like Bonar say the government needs Alibaba and will keep will help the company once it is finished spanking them in public.

Kylie Shares Sexy Photo Of Kris Jenner’s Low Neckline Dress

Kris Jenner has been stronger than strong over the past year, and it seems like she’s been taking care of her hot body even longer. While lately everything have been about Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner, Kris is proving that she hasn’t lost it either says Madison Street Capital on SlideShare. At the moment Kim Kardashian is showing off her pregnancy style in skin tight dresses, high heels and just about anything that leaves nothing to the imagination, while her youngest sister Kylie pulls out the big guns with her white feathered corsets and sexy boxer brief selfies.

When you are the mom of a team of hot daughters and a newly hot ex husband in the early stages of a flawless M2F transition, you can’t imagine what Kris has to do to feel relevant these days. Obviously dating Chris Gamble wasn’t enough, Kris wanted to show everyone that not only does she still have it at 59 years old, but she is giving her daughters something to look forward to in the future.

Kylie posted a sexy photo of her momto her Instagram page, shouting her mom out for looking super sexy in a bodycon dress. Not only was the dress hugging Kris in all the right places but she dared to go braless and she looks amazing. Kris has legs for days and a body to kill for, no wonder all of her daughters are gorgeous.

Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has gone on from a teacher’s child living in Penang, Malaysia, to becoming one of the most profitable business CEOs in all of southeast Asia. This did not happen by chance, nor did it happen overnight. However, with the help of quality education and intuitive marketing platforms, he has been able to grow his business and reach these goals for which he has obtained.

While born in Penang, Vijay Eswaran moved to London in order to obain a socio-economic degree from London School of Economics at the age of 24. After graduating he stayed around Europe for a year and worked before deciding to enter a Master’s program. Vijay Eswaran moved to the United States and attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with his MBA. During this time in the United States, Vijay Eswaran learned about multilevel marketing while working with a few different firms around the region. A multilevel marketing platform is basically a premed based marketing platform, where the main company produces a product and sells the product to distributors. The distributors then sell the product to local retailers, but instead of receiving a lump sum for the sales, it receives a commission from the company. The local stores then sell the product to customers, and again they do not keep the lump sum, but instead receive a commission, with the distributors receiving a secondary commission and the company receiving the rest of the money.

Eventually, Vijay Eswarn moved back to Malaysia and started up the QI Group, which eventually became Qnet. This group opened up a regional office in Hong Kong but then spread to other countries throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Eventually, he reached 10 different countries throughout the region, selling products and opening up new branches of the company.

Unlike most authors in the world of business who write about business topics, Vijay Eswaran actually pens fictional novels (although he does have some that deals with the philosophy of business). Some of his books include IN the Sphere of Silence and Thinking Zone. Vijay Eswaran also recently released a book titled On the Wings of Thought, which is a collection of his photography that hit book shelves in the region in 2011.

What Supplemt Am I Really Taking?

The Food and Drug Administration, has been called upon, at the request of Democrat Senators, to open an investigation regarding tainted and mislabeled dietary herbal supplements and remedies. Four retailers, General Nutrition Center, Target, Walgreens and Walmart have been accused of introducing ineffective fillers and unknown ingredients, that are not represented on the label. The products in question include echinacea, St.John’s Wort and ginseng. This revelation has caused widespread alarm with consumers like Fersen Lambranho who found this information through Bloomberg

For decades American consumers have trusted supplements and herbs as a means of maintaining optimum health and well being and have depended on the label on the back of the bottle to informed them of the ingredients that make up the product. With this revelation, consumers are wondering, “What am I really taking, and is it safe?” Consumers can educate themselves by doing some research into the products they consume.One industry standard that some dietary supplement and herbal product manufacturers subscribe to is the United States Phamacopeial Convention.  It issues a ‘Seal of Approval’ to firms that have their product lines tested and their manufacturing facilities inspected according to USP standards. There’s the old cliché, “Buyer Beware” and not only should they beware, the need to be educated and informed.

QNET Products And Services

QNET is an established direct selling company that helps people around the world. Direct selling is popular because it is an ideal way to move products and services to clients. This selling method is never stays the same; each year, newer strategies are developed to improve the consumer‘s experience. Companies that implement direct selling procedures have direct access to various distribution channels.

Company Background

QNET’s strategy involves multi-level marketing and direct selling. The company also uses the newspaper to run aggressive campaigns.

QNET has facilities in several Asian countries. There are offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Company History

QNET was established in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong. In the past, QNET was called GoldQuest. GoldQuest manufactured a variety of custom-made coins. In 2002, the company diversified after a partnership was made with QVI Club. During that time, QNET dived into the vacations and travel market. Later, the QNET purchased a British telecommunication business in 2005. Then, in 2006, the organization marketed nutrition, health, and energy products. The company also acquired a vegetarian resort called Prana Resorts and Spa in 2006.

QNET Business Plan For India

The range of depth sets QNET apart from others businesses. Clients have access to nearly 30 products in nine different categories. Each product enhances customers’ lives in a healthy way.

Several years ago, QNET changed its business plan for markets in Indian. The new strategy focused on a niche. Each new product’s main purpose was to provide value to the customer. Because the company shifted its marketing strategy, consumers had access to better product solutions, such as water filtration systems, air purification gadgets, and weight management items. A few of these products are not currently sold in India. However, QNET will make them available in the country very soon.

At company events, vegetarian meals are served to employees and clients. Meatless-dishes reflect the company’s goal of a healthy lifestyle. Since the QNET is against animal testing, non-vegetarian ingredients are not allowed.

Boston set for more snow

Boston which has already been hit with heavy snow storms this year is expecting yet another snow storm this weekend. Boston has been hit with forty two inches of snow in February alone (which is only half over) and is expected to receive another foot or so of snow this weekend.

Conditions are expected to be in blizzard ranges with temperatures below or near zero with the wind chill. There are expected to be winds that go up to 75 miles per hour which are equal to those of hurricanes.Travel is expected to be nearly impossible with the blizzard conditions and power outages expected across the region. Many local businesses and workers like Igor Cornleson are suffering as a result of the storms with decreased spending in a wide variety of locations. The Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, even stated that couples should just celebrate Valentine’s day next week instead and put off plans to visit restaurants until conditions improve. Many couples instead decided to accelerate their Valentine’s plans to Friday night instead.

Boston officials are feeling a sense of urgency to the storm and are hoping to make the dig out after the blizzard go smoothly.