Eli Gershkovitch, The Steam-Powered Entrepeneur

It may not surprise you to know that Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Canada. So it’s safe to say that Canadians have figured out this whole “craft beer” thing. After a near monopoly in the 1970’s, craft brewing exploded both in number and popularity. In just five years, a number of breweries in Canada has jumped from 310 in 2010 to 640 in 2015!


A small, specialized craft beers grow in Canada, so do problems with the law. It’s become more and more important that liquor licenses help grow the small local business while keeping the public safe. Eli Gershkovitch has melded the two halves to create the perfect beer aficionado. Eli earned his law degree in Toronto and quickly developed a taste for the beer coming out of European micro-breweries. Eli Gershkovitch specialized in liquor license law in Canada. His important work not only helped small business thrive but started his own brewery. Steamworks brewery grew from a garage set up to full-scale production in 2013. The company name speaks to the way the beer is produced: steam power.

Some craft beer you might have seen include Lions Gate Lager, Steamworks Pale Ale, and Flagship IPA. Not only are they sold in Canada, but 14 U.S states and some international specialty areas sell these fine beers. One prized Steamworks beer is their Pumpkin ale, for which Eli Gershkovitch received the Gold Medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards.


What’s next for Eli Gershkovitch? It’s said he lives by the motto “If you don’t grow to meet demand, the demand will shrink to meet you” (About.me). The main combatant for this is travel, which he does plenty of. Whether it’s his private plane or his beloved cars, Eli tries to spend most of his time venturing to find the next best brew. A natural born entrepreneur, the consumer can’t wait to see what Steamworks will serve next.


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