Fabletics’ Secrets Of Prosperity

The power of the crowd determines the consumer purchases. Many consumers rely on reviews before they make any purchases. Several renowned brands such as Fabletics are banking on marketing strategies that are review centric. Consumer reviews can improve loyalty, increase customer acquisition and enhance customer retention. Fabletics has since its foundation in 2013 grown by over 200% and $235M in revenue having more than one million paying members. The company under the leadership of Kate Hudson has embraced the user reviews.


The success of Fabletics

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the minds behind Fabletics having had an idea of starting an athleisure brand that is fashionable. The founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, which is Fabletics parent company, sort for a partner to implement their idea. The duo settled on actress Kate Hudson as she has an active lifestyle and is approachable. One of the things that lead to the success of Fabletics is the determination and dedication of Hudson. She is involved in all aspects of the business be it social media strategy or reviewing budgets. Hudson is also very actively involved in the design process and is always aware of the clothes that are selling and those that are not. The other thing that puts the athleisure brand on top is the emphasis they put on quality. Hudson works with the design team to ensure that the styles stay fresh making it a superior brand.


Soaring of the fashion-forward Athleisure brand

Kate Hudson has in the last four years elevated the little start-up into a multi-million company. The company continues to experience tremendous growth each year having realized a 644% growth last year. How does the actress and business woman do it? The first thing is being in the forefront of ensuring the company makes communication a priority. This she does by upgrading the customer service department, a move that saw the company get a top rating from Better Business Bureau in one and a half years. The company has embraced the data-driven approach to business a strategy that helps the business in knowing what the customers are responding to, the quantity of product they need and the inventory to design and also streamline production schedule. The Lifestyle Quiz is an avenue where one can get an opportunity to get personalized outfits. For you to know the best gear for you, take the Fabletics’ lifestyle quiz.


The other thing contributing to Fabletics’ growth is their partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group. The company shares resources such as marketing and design team with the parent company. Fabletics has also benefited from the experience of the e-commerce experts, Ressler and Goldenberg. It also partners with celebs the latest being Demi Lavato. The brand is inclusive and empowering and continues to inspire many women regardless of their shape, age or size.


The company’s future is bright with plans to have more than ten retail stores in 2017 to add to the already existing 22 stores. One can only imagine where the business will be in the next few years as the membership base continues to grow every year. Kate Hudson is indeed a staunch and affluent business person and an inspiration to many women and girls.

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