Glen Wakeman Appreciates Ever Job Large and Small

Glen Wakeman came up with the idea for Launchpad Holdings because he enjoys mixing money and ideas. He usually begins his day going over service performance, cash totals, and sales. Once he has finished going over the recent numbers, Wakeman has a daily meeting with his partners to divide up their duties. At the end of the day, Glen Wakeman has a drink of tea, coffee, or if he has a bad a day, a Margarita ( His bad days at Launchpad Holdings are few and far between. Glen Wakeman’s worst job was cleaning bathrooms at an automotive parts company. He tolerated the dirty, sweaty, but Wakeman stuck with this summer job because there was a recession going on, and he needed the money to pay his college tuition bills. Glen Wakeman learned that every job had a positive side. He has learned not take any job for granted. If he could start his career again, Wakeman would become more organized keeping record of his contacts.


Before for founding Launchpad Holding in 2015, Wakeman graduated from University of Scranton with a BS in Economics. Twelve years later, Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Chicago with an MBA in Finance.


After he graduated from graduate school, Wakeman worked as a CEO, president and Board member for several companies over a period of 30 years. He founded Nova Four after working for General Electric as a CEO in their Latin American division for 20 years. He wanted to expand his knowledge of finance, globally. Glen Wakeman lived and worked in six countries, and has accepted responsibility for the financial matters in 30 countries. Glen Wakeman made a lot of important decisions in this job (NewsSky). The best $100 he ever spent was to learn Spanish: it came in handy when he courted his Argentine lady, who would eventually become his wife.


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