Going Beyond the Annual Checkup with Lifeline Screening Company

Life Line Screening is a company that was established in 1993 in Austin, TX. It is privately owned and operates within the community in the US. It offers health screening services for adults. Screening is one of the advanced healthcare technological strategies for preventing diseases. Through screening, diseases can be identified in advance and the symptoms alleviated before they incur dire consequences to patients. As such, Life Line Screening is a company that has brought significant changes in the healthcare industry.

Lifeline Screening was instituted by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully. It has so far successfully extended its services to other regions such as the United Kingdom and the USA. It offers its services to more than 500,000 people across the regions it operates in. One of its important tests is the finger stick blood testing which involves complete screen for cholesterol count. The screening also includes checkup for inflammation and diabetes.

The company offers EKG Screenings and ultrasound. These types of screening are advantageous in that they are convenient, easy to conduct and painless. Through utilization of the highly trained experts within company, lab accurate results can be easily obtained. Moreover, the effective screening equipment makes the process to give accurate results. One of the factors that encourage most people to visit this company for an advanced screen is that the process requires little and at times no operation.

Life Line Screening company offers three main types of preventive screening processes. They include ultrasound screenings, limited electrocardiograph, and Finger Stick blood screenings. The ultrasound screening utilizes a technique of sound waves to image various body structures. As such, sound waves are transmitted to the area of interest within the body and the image is recorded.

The finger stick blood screenings help in the identification of various risk factors associated with diabetes and heart diseases. The screening is conducted by pricking the soft pad of finger and taking few drops of blood for testing. The results of this test are given in less than ten minutes. The EKG is a test which is utilized in identifying common heart conditions. In essence, Lifeline Screening Company helps identify diseases which may have dire consequences to a person before they affect them.

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