Nostalgic Moments When Casio Audi Was a Drummer at Viper

Casio Audi’s earlier life was amazing because he was consumed with unstoppable passion for music. He became a renowned drummer for the Brazilian metal band viper in the 1980s until he retired from music in 1989. Casio’s dedication to the success of the band eventually made the producers to feature him in two famous band’s albums which motivated him to write songs for the band. One of the songs he wrote that became a heat was featured in the soldiers of sunrise album of which Casio played the drum sets.

This album was received with excitement as fans wondered how amazing the crew worked in harmony to release this masterpiece. This album also received a four-star rating by the all music extravaganza. The album was redone several times before Audi made a decision to leave the music industry. When Cassio felt his time was over with the band, he went to university to pursue BA and later MBA in finance.

Casio Audi was famous among heavy metal fans for his outstanding drumming viper as well as his dedication towards spreading heavy metal to the Latin American. From the time he joined the band as a teenager, Casio Audi worked tirelessly to take this beloved band to higher heights. He participated in most vipers’ recordings which include all their demos and live recordings. Like most of his band mates, Casio Audi was obsessed with the British heavy metal and the Iron Maiden of the 1980s. This band was praised due to its exceptional skills and talent. They became popular among friends and foes, fans and critic and still continue to be popular up to date.

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