The Hidden Mystery Behind Cassio Audi Fame As A Musician Unveiled!

Cassio Audi found fame as an iconic musician, as a lead drummer to the five-member Brazilian metal band, “Viper.” He joined fellow bandmates Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, Andre Machado and Yves Passarell. As managing partner, he remained committed for 9 long years before retiring his drum sticks in 1989. They successfully captivated fans and industry critics with their initial demo. This resulted in the teens landing a record deal, and motivated future albums. While producing music with the band as a lead drummer, Audi had a talent and personality that stood out. The popular 80’s British heavy metal band, “Iron Maiden,” and a few other rising acts served as inspiration for the group.

“Viper” produced two studio albums, of which “Soldiers of Sunrise,” the single written by Audi received positive reviews. As a talented drummer, Audi was admired by critics and fans alike. The band’s Latin American influence grew as fans connected with their artistic skills. Audi assumed a pivotal role in developing the group’s brand. With constructive reviews for “The Killer Sword,” which is the band’s introductory demo, they released an official studio album.

The album featured classic hits like “Killer,” “Princes from Hell” and “Nightmare.” With the success of the initial demo release, Viper’s first studio album, “Sunrise” that debuted 1987, featured the above hit tracks. Of course, all three received minor adjustments. It’s been remastered a couple times and earned a four-star rating from Allmusic. Viper released “Theatre of Fate” following Audi’s exit a year earlier. This heavy metal band remains a legendary accomplishment out of Brazil, having achieved global influence. Although Mr. Audi has chosen a different career path, he’s still considered an emblem of the Viper unit. The talented Passarell Brothers, Yves, and Pit formed the band back in 1985, having grown fond of British rock music, particularly heavy metal. Audi was an integral team player in helping the band refine their musical sound and artistry.

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