Tony Petrello: Beyond Oil

Tony Petrello is a well-known name in the oil and drilling industries and has been so since 1991 when he made a bold move to transition from a highly succesful law careers and work with Nabors Industries, LLC. Nabors Industries is one of the largest leading provides of drilling equipment and contract work. They work with every major company in all drilling markets, oil and gas includes. They are currently working in more than 20 countries across the globe. Nabors specializes in Offshore Drilling, vertical Drilling, Land Drilling, Specialty Drilling Rigs and more.

Nabors Inudstires has been a titan of the drilling industry for years. However, under the guidance and leadership of Tony Petrello the company has soared to new heights. Many of those heights include a focus on Petrello’s initiative to ensure Nabors Industries stays at the head of all the latest technology – putting them light years ahead of their competitors, who often want to “stick with what works” rather than innovate.

Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991. Prior to that he was a managing partner at an extremely elite law firm’s New York COffice where he gained that title after just a few short years. At the firm he dealt a lot in international cases, including taxation and arbitration. Prior to his law career his obtained two degrees in Mathematics from Yale and a Law Degree from Harvard.

He and his wife Cynthia work closely with the Texas Children’s Hospital. Cynthia was his college sweetheart and the two gave birth to a daughter with neurological issues that will affect her for life. Since then, the Petrellos have worked incredibly hard to advance neurological research for children. Petrello sits on the board of the hospital and the couple have donated a combinated $7+ million dollars to fund this type of neurological advancement.

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